How to Read a Water Meter Like a Pro

WATER METER How to Read a Water Meter Like a Pro Reading a water meter is one of those small chores that you don’t spend much time thinking about until your water company needs to know how much water you’ve used and you’re at a loss for what to tell them. Fortunately, much like reading

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Toilet Seat Install

TOILET INSTALLATION & REPAIR How to Install a Toilet Seat The desire to upgrade, constant malfunctions or accidental damage may have you in need of toilet repair or a complete replacement of your fixture. The professionals at Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing can handle commercial or residential toilet repair or installation services for those living in

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How to do Storm Drain Cleaning the right way

DRAIN CLEANING How to Do Storm Drain Cleaning The Right Way Storm and roof gutter drains are an integral part of our homes. They help us control and remove most of the water that comes into our home from outside sources such as storms and heavy rain and it also helps to keep the water

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Bathroom Sink Drain Installation Mistakes to Avoid

SINK INSTALL & REPAIR Bathroom Sink Drain Installation Mistakes to Avoid Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to find tips to fix common household plumbing problems. However, you can make these issues worse if you don’t know what you are doing (or read bad online advice). Here are some common mistakes you can make with

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