Boiler Repair Services

Regular maintenance on your boiler keeps hot water flowing to your home or business. Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing technicians provide boiler inspection and repair services throughout the regions of Katy / Cinco Ranch, Sugar Land, and Bunker Hill / Energy Corridor.

Keeping Your Boiler Function

You should have your boiler inspected if you’ve run into any of the following problems on a consistent basis:

  • Poor heat circulation throughout your home or business
  • Water leaking in or around your boiler
  • A spike in your energy costs
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Insufficient water levels
  • Unable to get pilot light going

These could be signs of issues with your boiler pump, the presence of air inside your heating pipes, or any number of other problems. If your system’s 10 to 15 years old, it may be time to consider putting in a more modern version.

Long-term savings on your energy bill could help recoup the initial purchase and installation costs. Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing can recommend the products most suited to your home or business.

Tips for Maintaining Your Boiler System

You can keep your system healthy by performing the following tasks on your own:

  • Cleaning your baseboard and radiator regularly. The cleaner the surfaces, the quicker energy transfers.
  • Pick a temperature and leave your thermostat at that setting. You force your system to burn more fuel to accommodate constant swings in temperature.
  • Make sure the louvers in your baseboards are clear of any obstructions

If you're still having problems after trying these tips, give Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing a call at
(713) 468-3026. Our staff will be glad to answer your questions.


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