Sewer Line Camera Inspections

A camera line inspection of your pipes and sewer lines helps technicians pinpoint the source of issues within your sewer or plumbing system. Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing relies on camera line inspections for many of the services it provides to businesses and residences within the Katy / Cinco Ranch, Sugar Land, and Bunker Hill / Energy Corridor regions.

Drain Line Issues

When our technicians deploy camera lines into your drain lines, the camera at the end sends transmissions back letting them know how deep it’s gone along with the location of any physical obstructions it encounters. That allows our service people to know exactly where to dig or deploy other equipment to resolve your issue. We typically follow up our services with a second video line inspection to make sure everything is clear and functional.

Sewer Backups and Inspection

You may want to have a camera line inspection on your sewer if you find yourself experiencing frequent backups. Sewer line inspections are not included in most new home inspections, so new buyers might want to consider having a camera line inspection done to make sure no current problems exist. Doing so could keep you from paying out a lot of money later for expensive repairs.

Call Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing at
(713) 468-3026 if you feel a camera line inspection can help pinpoint your issues, or if you want peace of mind about the functionality of your drain or sewer line.


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