Fire Line Repair and Replacement

A functional fire line can be a difference-maker when it comes to saving lives during a fire. Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing assists commercial business owners, community developers, and construction professionals in keeping fire lines up to code in the regions of Katy / Cinco Ranch, Sugar Land, and Bunker Hill / Energy Corridor.

Full-Service Fire Line Maintenance

Setting a regular schedule for inspection of your fire line reduces the chances of failing during a fire event. We check for the following conditions which might lead to a malfunctioning fire line in critical situations.

Damage to pipes or sprinkler heads — Accidents or vandalism can end up compromising the integrity of fire lines.

Potential equipment failure — System glitches or improperly installed fire lines can cause leaks, meaning rendering them ineffective.

Corrosion — Pipes can break down over time due to constant use.

Extremely low temperatures — Freezing can cause pipes to crack, making them unable to handle proper water flow pressure.

Leaking pipes — We trace the problem to the source and make any repairs needed, including replacing sections which no longer work properly.

Call Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing at
(713) 468-3026 to ensure your fire lines remain up to code and ready to perform when needed.


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