Sink & Drain Installation and Repair

Installing a new sink in your kitchen or bathroom requires knowledge not held by most casual handymen. It requires an understanding of correctly lining up fixtures with your current pipe system and knowing what local code requirements are for homes and businesses.

Installing or repairing a sink correctly without damaging your current infrastructure takes skill and familiarity.

Bathroom and Kitchen Sink Repair

Your drains can end up clogged with things like hair, various objects, and soap scum. Deep clogs which prove impossible to dislodge through plunging require a professional touch to ensure no costly damage is done to your pipes. Our technicians can also check to see if other hardware, like your garbage disposal, might be causing some of your sink issues.

Bathroom and Kitchen Sink Installation

In addition to the above services, Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing can help when you’re looking to remodel by replacing your kitchen or bathroom sink. We can make sure everything gets properly installed, relieving some of the stress involved in remodels.

Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing provides commercial sink installation and repair services to the areas of Katy / Cinco Ranch, Sugar Land, and Bunker Hill / Energy Corridor. Call us today at
(713) 468-3026 if you’re in need of assistance for sinks in your home or business.


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