Water Filter & Softener System

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Water Filter Installation and Service


Do you feel you’re getting the best quality from your water filtration system? Or maybe you’re ready to invest in one for your home or business and need a reliable plumber to install it. Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing provides plumbers with the experience and technical skills required to successfully install water filters in residences and businesses in Texas.

Water Filter Types We Handle

Our team of plumbers can install or repair a variety of water filter system.

Point-of-Use System — We place your water filter at the point where you’re using a specific source of water. One example of this is putting a reverse osmosis system under your sink. The device works by having a tank installed under your sink and pumps pulling water through a membrane which removes up to 99% of contaminants.

Point-of-Entry System — We can install a system which delivers contaminant-free water to any source you desire.

Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing can also combine filtration types for a custom solution for your home or business. We’ll also come out to repair malfunction systems or inspect your current one to confirm the proper configuration.

Do you need help managing your water filter, or have the desire to install a system in your business or residence anywhere in Katy/Cinco Ranch/, Sugar Land, or Bunker Kill/Energy Corridor? Call us today to set up a consultation.

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